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One area of preparedness emphasized by the Family Survival Course is home defense. When people imagine a SHTF scenario, they usually think they’ll die in one of the following ways: starvation, dehydration, severe injury. However, the truth is that one of the most common ways people are killed when society crumbles is by murder. We sometimes forget that deep down, people are animals and when they’re hungry and desperate they’ll do anything to stay alive; even if it means killing you and taking your food.

That’s why I believe after food and water, home defense is the most important survival skill. So what can you do?

Make your home an undesirable target. Imagine you’re a looter and try to think of some things that would make you move on to the next house. Here are a few ideas: battery-powered or solar-powered motion detector lights, a tall fence with spikes at the top, a loud dog, thorn bushes in front of the windows, a sign with a picture of a gun and the words: “We don’t dial 911.” If you have one of those houses that looks like more trouble than it’s worth, most looters will move on to the next house.

Reinforce your entry points and install an alarm. I recommend you replace your regular windows with hurricane windows as they are much more difficult to break. You could also replace the regular screws in your doors with long screws that reach all the way into the stud. This way, criminals won’t be able to kick down your doors. Also consider getting interlocking bolt rim locks. These are jimmy-proof. And if possible, get some kind of battery-powered alarm. Even if it’s not a high-tech alarm that calls a real security service, it doesn’t matter. The loud noise will cause most looters to flee.

There are many other little things you can do to better defend your home. Padlock sheds and garages because criminals can use the tools inside to their advantage. Keep your house lit up at night (unless it’s type of SHTF scenario where you don’t want to draw attention). Don’t believe the stories people use to get into your house, even if they say they’re from the power company or something. Paranoia keeps you safe.

“Survive Home Defense” is a book that can be purchased after you’ve started the Family Survival Course.

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